Monday, May 16, 2016

Descent 2 (D2X-XL) 1.17.35 Game Download

Download Descent 2 (D2X-XL) 1.17.35 This project, if possible, for it will not need to thank me, was for people to work on OpenGL and SDL is applied to the D2X began: we still on modern hardware You can play a game, that is.

I thank the many people, bugs, very good id, logo, motivation, or other project, provided input.
OpenGL port of Descent 2 D2X. It is an open source project and Descent 2 has received a lot of improvement compared.
Descent 2 is a very old game, and further progress is slow. Stemming from the original Descent 2 still has some - a few issues that are resolved or D2X, has never been solved.
Author: Dietfrid MaliDate: 06/12/2014Size: 36.5 MBRequires: Win 8 / Win 7 / Vista/ XPFree Download

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