Monday, May 16, 2016

Double File Scanner v2.03 Download Free

DownloadDouble File Scanner v2.03, collisions are met quickly and we do not need to tolerate ch other for comparison, all the SHA-1 value is calculated and stored in a hash table. Moreover, the same process multiple "worker" thrds to parallelize and speed up a multi-core processor to calculate SHA-1 file. On our test machine, ~ 260,000 files system drive (~ 63.5 GB) to resolve lasted about 15 minutes. It was found during the process ~ 44,000 copies.

Once the scan is complete, the program manually, find duplie files, rename or delete the highlighted commands. Conversely, remove all malicious file in a blow to the "automatic cln-up" can be added to the board. Optionally, a copy of the form of XML or INI list can be exported.
Size: 3.05MBPublisher:Visit WebsiteRelse Date: 2014-06-22OS: XP/Vista/7/8Free Download

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